Are You Ready?

1 08 2014

bridge reflectionBeing ready for the doors of the new season to open!


Here in Portland, Oregon it is taking about 12 days for the average house to sell. That is amazing because only a couple of years ago houses were going back to the bank left and right because people couldn’t sell them.


In this season we have to be ready when the doors open to new opportunities. As you enter, you might even feel like you are a small fish in a large pond, as I currently feel. I am taking a step from leading a local prayer team to be a state coordinator for Reformation Prayer Network, a national prayer group associated with Cindy Jacobs.


I know I am called to take this step, there have been several specific conformations and agreement with this ministry at the highestOregon levels. Yet conformations and agreement doesn’t make stepping out any easier. You have to believe in what God has called you to do in this new season. God is calling for you and I to have faith and to walk with confidence knowing He is going before us.


We have to allow the big dreams of our big God to become our own. We must allow ourselves to invest time and effort to expand our vision. Allowing God to give us new strategies as His plans unfolds around us.


Remember God intends to include you, not to exclude you!


He knows the plans and purposes He has for us and it is my hope and prayer that you and I must chose to align ourselves with God to see them come to pass!


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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