Kingdom of Heaven – part 1

8 07 2016

10606784_sWe are entering a new series about the Kingdom of Heaven. In doing my research I found that the term Kingdom of Heaven is found 10 times in Matthew’s gospel alone while the term Kingdom of God is found 68 times over 10 different NT books.

We are not here to debate if the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven are different or the same, but to begin this series I need you to understand that we will be using both of these terms as they share a common root, Kingdom.

Readers of the Old Testament were familiar with the term God of Heaven (Daniel 2:44) so with the coming of Yeshua the term Kingdom of Heaven spoke deeply to the fulfillment of our soon coming king and savior of the world, whether you call him Jesus Christ or Yeshua!

Join me next time when we look at the Kingdom of Heaven in Matthew 4:17 and the need to repent!

Blessings and Complete Joy,


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2 responses

8 07 2016
Sharil Houston

Hi Millie “Joy”. 😍

Grandma Clown Shari from Sheridan here…it is good to hear from you and THANK YOU for prayer resources. No time today to enjoy but look forward to Tomorrow Sabbath because I need it… It’s been a rough yet blessed week with HIS Presence … Which had made it bearable.

Wanted to find out how the Sabbath and Sunday Sabbath with Ten Commandment prayer tent went. And what kind of turnout had for weekend when people of f physical jobs.

Reason I ask…is because I was SO blessed by first your honoring me. Then by the verse for the day I could come and lastly just to be able to experience your heart and passion for prayer, YEShua, and obedience!, matching my own desires.

Another reason I asked is a also wanted to know you were there with the around 2000-2500 who showed up for Franklin Graham, s Prayer Rally?

I don’t ask to compare. I wanted to let you know how deeply GRIEVED I was that so many showed up for a known name, but not when we were there. I was just hurt for you . Even now tears string m my eyes. You have such a poor spirit oops…pure…well poor too when use old English def of humble. Which loved the definition Pastor Mark Blitz on El Shaddai gave on Sabbath. That humble does not mean thinking less of yourself biblical humility is not thinking of yourself at all but of G-d and others.

Got to run new sis, yet wanted to let you know,… My reaction when i walked onto the campus with my hubby, who’s idea it was to come.

Reminds me story told about an African Pastor who was dead for 3 days and ready for burial. So he was visiting heaven via request of his wife who on Earth was ugly according to the one giving the testimony but in heaven was beautiful. He knew of an older lady nobody thought about just an older woman bend over who just very Faithfully clean the bathrooms cleaned up the kitchen after everybody and nobody thought the thank her comma mansion in heaven was just gorgeous and huge. Or as one of the elders who was saved but very proud and pretty Papas only had a small mansion. He asked if he could see his mansion and was granted the request. He was amazed at the size but shocked that it had no roof he asked the Lord why and the Lord told him we build your mansions with the building materials you send head with the work you do on Earth we’re going to send you back so you can send more materials that we know you are going to be sending.

Very sobering thoughts comma especially when he was also told to get the message out Jesus is coming very soon!!! On Jul 8, 2016 7:44 AM, “Journey to Complete Joy” wrote:

> Complete Joy Ministries posted: “We are entering a new series about the > Kingdom of Heaven. In doing my research I found that the term Kingdom of > Heaven is found 10 times in Matthew’s gospel alone while the term Kingdom > of God is found 68 times over 10 different NT books. We are not here” >

9 07 2016
Complete Joy Ministries

Dear Shari,

I wanted to tell you that Franklin Graham has the built up authority to bring in large numbers of people. I rejoice that people came, people gathered and in the sea of people was the Oregon Tabernacle Tent serving as David’s Tent Oregon.

God’s plans and purposes are beyond our understanding and I rejoiced that for one of the days, you joined me!

Blessings & peace,

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