Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is Near!

29 07 2016

10606784_sWe are in a new series about the Kingdom of Heaven. Today we are looking at how repentance is key to the kingdom of heaven coming near!


Matthew writes: From that time on Jesus began to preach, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.”

Matthew 4:17


Let’s set the stage, in the beginning of chapter 4 Yeshua had been tempted by Satan in the desert, then upon his return he learned of John the Baptist jailing. As a man, think of all the emotions he was feeling. He did the best thing, and stepped away.


Yeshua could have chosen to be mad at man, mad at God or mad at Satan. He chose to do12490293_s none of the above. Yeshua knew he had to stay focused. We forget that, choosing instead to walk into anger and away from the kingdom of Heaven, as we break relationship with  our God. Remembering even righteous anger turns into sinful behavior.


I say all this because in these days people (including those who are believers) are going to do things which you have the right to be angry about, because they wronged you, or hurt someone you care about.


It is not if we will get angry, for even Yeshua revealed his anger toward the money changers in the temple. But when your anger turns into sinful behavior, repent and walk back into relationship with God for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!


Join me next time when we look at the Kingdom of Heaven from Matthew 5:3 and the poor in spirit


Blessings and Complete Joy,

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