Welcome to Transition?

16 06 2017

TransitionToday we begin talking about transition with our post, Welcome to Transition! We will endeavor in this series to simplify transition as we look at the life of Christ who made one of the largest transitions first from God to Man, becoming the atonement for our sin as our Messiah (1Jn 2:2) and then back again from Man to God as our risen lord (Lu 24:34).


Let’s define what transition is: passage from one state to another, or to change.


Transition as with the birth of a child is both wonderful and painful at the same time. Any family, will tell you that. Whether we begin with Mary or Joseph, the parent of Yeshua, both were given time to transition, both were given time to ponder, to embrace or reject the truth and meaning of the transition. With time, a key element, they both came to embrace it allowing God to prepare them for the coming season of Messiah’s birth!


Through the life of our Messiah we see everyone must come to that place of embracing transition and understanding the struggle with feelings is an important part of building kingdom authority to walk successfully in the new season which transition ushers in!


Join me next time as we look at Mary in the post, transition believe it or not part 1!





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