Transition: Believe it or NOT part 1 – Mary

22 06 2017

Welcome to our topic Transition! Today we will look at the transition of Mary, the mother of Jesus recorded in Luke 1:26 – 38, as she receiving the news of the coming savior.

First, the angel of the Lord signals the beginning of Mary’s transition as she hears the words, “Greeting you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you.” It is recorded that she was greatly or deeply troubled, other translations used the word disturbed. Transition as it begins is often alarming and can deeply trouble or disturb us. This is normal reaction and we need to remember to respond rather than to react.

Second the angel encouraged her, “not to be afraid and that she had found favor with God”. Often when facing transition, we like Mary, look at it as a bad thing and we become afraid. Encouragement as we face the idea of transition helps use all!

Third, we see Mary questioning God choice; does he really know what HE is doing? Transition causes us to question what God is up to, even if like Mary who knew the scriptures, we know God is going to do something. Our question still remains, but are we really who God wants to use?

Final we see the angel sharing the news about her relative Elizabeth who was also pregnant. Mary found the comfort to come into agreement with God’s plans and later direction in how to navigate the pregnancy, going to her relative’s home.

Remember as God begins a new thing in your life, HE will bring you guidance and encouragement!

Blessings & Complete Joy!


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