Transition Believe it or NOT! part 5

20 07 2017

TransitionToday we finish our series Transition Believe it or Not! We learned several things over the course of this series, the first and foremost is no one is really ready for transition.

I love these words from Oswald Chambers “Will is the whole man active. I cannot give up my will, I must exercise it.” He goes on to say “I must will to obey and I must will to receive God’s spirit.”

As we have looked at Mary and Joseph each of them had to exercise their will to come will-of-God-questionsinto agreement with the transition of Yeshua coming into their lives. Peter reveals transition’s struggle when we choose to walk with our friends. Our time in the garden with Yeshua (Jesus) revealed what the internal struggle looks like and reminding us of what God require of us as we enter transition, death to self.

Every transition brings us to a point of decision, Joshua 24:15 put it well “choose you this day whom ye will serve” we must choose to come into agreement as with the Israelites who walked into the promised land. It was that coming into agreement in the midst of transition that gave them the power to defeat the Amorites.

As we face transitions in the coming year I pray each of us choose to serve the Lord, coming into agreement with HIS plans and purposes for our lives.

Blessings & Complete Joy!


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