Job and a Sovereign God

8 09 2017

bible_jobThis week’s post begins a three-part series on the final chapter of Job 42.

The book of Job is comprised of 42 chapters recounting the story of the suffering of Job, a righteous man. Just as the final chapter of Job has three parts, Job is joined by three friends and three cycles of debate ensue before God himself enters the picture in chapter 40 as he begins revealing the real issue is not the suffering of a righteous man but the sovereignty of a mighty God. This revelation is where chapter 42 begins.

Job 42 is comprised of three parts. Part 1 is Job’s response to God, part 2 is God’s speaking to Job’s friends and part 3 is Job’s restoration.

We want to look at the two preceding chapters of Job in this first post because God has been talking to Job and helps him understand God is sovereign.

Sovereign by definition is: to have or possess supreme or ultimate power and authority. God has supreme/ultimate power and authority. This is something mankind has wrestled with since our creation. We grumble trying to find reasons for everything. As I look at Texas, some will look and judge its citizens. I cannot, rather I look at a sovereign God who allowed the winds to churn up and the rains to pour down upon the lone star state. I look upon the same sovereign God who limited the hand of Satan in Job’s life, and who is still controlling where the winds blow and rain fall.

Join me in praying for our nation and the natural disasters our nation is currently facing, from wild fires in the West to hurricanes and flooding in the East, then join me next week as we look at Job 42!

Blessings & Complete Joy!


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