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We hope this helps build community. 
Thanks to all of you who send in suggestions.
They help us serve you.

4 responses

23 12 2015

I was just browsing online for worship flags and came across your website. I am looking for a flag ministry to design custom flags and to mentor me in flag making ministry as well if possible. The flag/dance ministry in the church the Lord has me at is just starting to grow, where it was non-existent before. I am relatively new to flag ministry as well but know I have been called to this particular expression of worship unto the Lord. I’ve made some practice streamers and flags to use but now am in need of properly sewn flags.

I would also like to request a Jesus prayer cloth if you have any.
My name is Sarah Boyles. My address is 1700 Holman Ave. Covington, KY 41011.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. God bless you =D

23 12 2015
Complete Joy Ministries

I will send this cloth after the first of the year.

9 03 2016
George Guntermann

Millie, I would like to be among one of the 10 groups that will be walking and praying around the State Capitol prior to the visit by Franklin Graham. Can you send me the particulatrs? George Guntermann

9 03 2016
Complete Joy Ministries

Will do!

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