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As I begin 2014
I want to share a website I have begun visiting for encouragement 
and especially this video called
Our Amazing God!
2013 Prayer Closet Journal
Some of you know I had chest pains last week and ended up in the hospital. I am getting stronger every day.
This morning while in prayer I saw what happened when I had the chest pain and why there was no damage to my heart. I saw the hand of God around my heart protecting it from harm. What an awesome picture of the provision of God to protect my life.I praise the Lord for his protection and provision!

 At church on Saturday I saw a vision which at first glance meant very little but has become very profound as the days have passed.
Here is the vision I saw during worship:
I saw my Pastor worshiping with his drum, setting the beat and the tone of our praise to God. Then I looked to the right and saw a lone dancer, Bonny who has a passion to worship the Lord in dance.The Lord brought my eyes to the back left part of the sanctuary said to me, there is something missing.
The Lord continued to speak, I want you to flag. Then as I looked I saw myself worshiping the Lord with new flags made especially to be used at KHM.
That afternoon I went to the Jewish dance class lead by Bonnie, who when I was having trouble keeping up invited me to stand near someone who knew what they were doing. I could only do two dances before I was unable to continue. Then the vision I had seen early came to mind and comforted me.
Today,  I am reminded of the three strain cord (father,son, holy spirit) the trinity of God and how in each church the cord of worship looks different with or without live music, with our without dance, with or without the raising of hands to name just a few. Worship season change and as they do we have a choice to embrace them. No matter your churches form of worship, I pray each of you will worship God with all you are!
I have been praying for God changing every area of my life, to be more like Him. I know that seems silly but with all the change God you know how much I need to be more and more like Him!
I found this Beatitudes of Love by Thomas A. Carruth and have begun praying these into my soul and spirit! 
Beatitude of Love
If you would like a Jpeg just contact me through this blog.  
What do you do when God tells you something tough and then it comes to pass?When we pray and seek God’s face sometimes as we seek His face He reveals the future. It is our choice how we handle it. Sometimes the best we can do is to go into depression rather than to say what was revealed hurts way too much.I am currently in that situation. I just went to the CJM Wilderness Retreat and before I left God said several things, which all came to pass.The first was that part of my retreat team, one by one would fall away. So as people one by one fell away I took it in stride and didn’t struggle, just took on the responsibility realizing that I really did need to know what putting on this retreat required in those who helped me.The second thing He told me was that my good friend in Alaska would die while I was at retreat. I struggled with this knowledge and on the second day of retreat my emotions overcame me and I cried uncontrollably in my tent. I later found out my tears were part of the grieving for my friend who had died a day earlier.Sometimes we know and ask for good things, and when they happen we can take them in stride, but when we know about bad things and then they happen they test our ability to thrive.
I wanted to post the prophetic word the Lord released while we were in the SW corner of Oregon establishing the cornerstone of Christ!   I wonderful man from Salem was playing the Indian flute and God showered His blessings down upon us as he played for all to see! 
Please click to view.
Prophetic Word Over Oregon March 2013 – george
I have spent the last 7 days in ministry to the body of Christ. I share this video that you might be restored and renewed as I have been as I listened to it! 
God is great and greatly to be praised! 
Four days until I leave to lead the Cornerstone Team to the SW Corner of Oregon to re-establish the cornerstone of Christ. God give me the boldness to speak as you direct. Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing to you.  It is tough to know you are calling me to a deeper/higher level of intercession and prophetic acts on behalf of Oregon. I shouldn’t worry that I will be a disappointment to you, yet I am human and I want to be so focused on you that I don’t have a thought to myself. Please honor this prayer that all that you intend might be accomplished. 
In Christ’s name, Amen
Feast of Purim
How can we celebrate and pray for the feast of Purim? I am asking the Lord to raise up an Esther to speak into every congressmen and legislator in America. Let every American pray for God to intervene in our nation as Esther did for Israel! Let us reflect on the call in Esther’s life and find the calling God has in our lives!

Jesus Pocket Prayer Cloth

Jesus Prayer ClothRoughly the size of a 3X5 index card this cream colored double knit cloth with a rich gold cross will fit in any pocket or purse.

You are welcome to request one free of charge by contacting me through this page remember to include your name, address with city, state and zip code.

God has been challenging me to reach out to people in new ways. Prayerfully I have begun making both prayer cloths and these Hem of His Garment. 
What I have learned about prayer cloths…Prayer cloths alone are powerless. It is the faith of the Believer who receives the cloth that brings healing and comfort. That faith is in the power of prayer and ultimately in the healing power of Yahweh, symbolized by the cloth.How to use:Prayer cloths can be given to or placed on an ill person.Prayer cloths can be  carried in a pocket or purse or placed under a pillow as a source of  comfort.This prayer cloth has been prayed over anointed before being stored in a bible until it is requested.

Hem of His Garment – prayer cloth

This prayer cloth is called Hem of His Garment from Matthew 9:21, and the woman who risk everything to reach out for healing to her savior.

Far too often we feel unworthy to seek healing from our savior, might this prayer cloth encourage you or someone you know to reach out to their savior for Jesus is the great healer! This prayer cloth comes with or without the knotted fringe and is mailed to you in a Matthew 9 :21 card.


Love of the LordLove of the Lord – heart prayer cloth

I wanted to encourage you to make your own prayer cloths so I have created this Love of the Lord heart prayer cloth pattern for you! I carry these hearts with me in my purse and give them to people to remind them of the Lord who loves them!
Just click, print, cut and enjoy! 
Heart cloth pattern and instructions
If you would like to request one of these free CJM prayer cloths, please scroll down to the bottom and use the “leave a reply”, giving us your name, and address with city, state and zip-code.
It will arrive in a simple letter envelope within two weeks of request.  
 Remember every cloth comes to you at no cost with our prayers. 
Prayer Closet Journal
12/13/2012 As I sat writing a note about the passion I have to see Portland become the servant of the state she was created to be I saw a vision. I saw the healing and reconciling of the state of Oregon as the bride of Christ came together. I saw Salem the husband of the state and Portland, the bride of the state taking hands, walking together. In 2013 this is the destiny for the state of Oregon. For the city of Salem to step forward, to lead with honor, favor and authority as he is joined by the city of Portland who will love, honor and cherish Salem as never before. I see all the other cities in Oregon as the children of this marriage. For it is through this marriage of husband and wife that the state is to be blessed.


It is an amazing vision, bringing healing of woundedness, maturity from revival and victory as the state of Oregon walks into the will and destiny of Christ! 11/7/2012

 I woke up this morning with a sense of urgency to pray for every Christian who believed that God would bring change to our country by the election of Mitt Romney.
May every Christian grieve the loss that deliverance has not yet come and choose to bounce back with the resiliency to pray and trust God to deliver our country.
This will be a miraculous event. We must press in for revival to break out across our land. For men to turn away from the things of this world and trust in the name of our God.
Not by Might, nor by Power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord! Zec 4:6

11/6/2012I am going through a huge transition personally as The Lord puts more of my focus on CJM. To that end I am fasting one day a week, beginning at lunch one day and consuming only water until lunch the next day. I am doing this for breakthrough in CJM with my clients and for myself as well. I am being drawn deeply into the Lord as never before, to that end I will begin a weekly CJM prayer meeting. It is something that I have never done before. This prayer meeting will be held on the evening of the day I break my fast. When we step out in faith I believe the Lord will meet us and bring us where he intends us to go. CJM’s foundation is the Lord and so prayer and connection to him must be deeply established before more work of the ministry can happen. I wonder what will come of it in 2013? Lord be with us every meeting, touch lives and heal. Release the captives and empower the body of Christ! Give your divine direction to those who meet to further your ministry through CJM.   

After recently re-reading Charles Swindoll’s book, Intimacy with the Almighty, his passage about Phillipians 3:10 (AMP) so impacted me that I committed to praying this for myself, my family and my community. I wanted to share this with you that you might also be blessed and challenged to press in and go deeper with the Lord! 
[For my determined purpose is]  
that I may know Him [that I may progressivelybecome more deeply and intimatelyacquainted with Him, perceiving and recognizingand understanding the wonders of His Personmore strongly and more clearly],and that I may in that same way come toknow the power out flowing fromHis resurrection [which it exerts overbelievers], and that I may so share Hissufferings as to be continually transformed[in spirit into His likeness even]to His death, [in the hope]Philippians 3:10 (AMP)
I got a comment from one of you asking me to write more. I am thinking this morning of how God has answered my prayer about the Portland Prayer Clock. I found myself praying and praying and then finding that Portland was too small an area, I found myself thinking of the whole NW! From Oregon, Washington and Idaho to British Columbia in Canada into Montana and Wyoming. The Old Columbia Territory! So we are going to birth the NW Gatekeepers, they are a group, who’s eyes are focused on the Lord, praying for his move and glory to fall here in the NW. They won’t have defined times to pray, but they will eagerly await the moves of God and his presence! I keep seeing the story of the 10 virgins waiting for the bridegroom. 5 had their oil ready and 5 did not.
I believe the Lord wants the NW to be ready for his move and this group of people is committed to being ready and praying for others to be ready as well!
What an amazing answer to prayer. Let your glory fall Lord, Let your glory fall!
I am praying about the Igniting the Kingdom ~The Shalom Blessing gathering and as I do I keep thinking about a prayer clock for the Portland Metro Area. Daddy, this project has been tried in the past and yet now you are leading me to try again. Please help me to be obedient to your call and walk the path you have marked out for me.  I want now and always to do your will. Please help me as I step out beyond my reach to support a hurting region of the Northwest, the Portland Metro area.
To my readers… If you would like to join this prayer clock please let me know!

Having a Church devoted to prayer, rather than a church that just prays


  1.         Does things by prayer; rather than praying about what it does.   2.         Gives prayer priority; rather than fitting prayer in.   3.         Prays when there are opportunities, rather than praying when there is a problem.   4.         Announces a special time of prayer – the people show up; rather than having just some of the             people show up.   5.         Asks God to enable it to do what He is blessing; rather than, asking God to bless what it is doing.   6.         Is challenged by financial short fall – calls for fasting, prayer, and faith; rather than becoming frustrated by financial shortfall, backing down from the project.   7.         Mounts up with wings like eagles, runs and doesn’t grow weary, walks and does not faint;   rather than, becoming tired, weary and stressed out.   8.         Does things beyond its means; rather than, doing only what is within its means.   9.         Sees the world as its community; rather than seeing its members as its only community.   10.       Is Involved in the work of God; rather than being only involved in the work of man.   May each of us as the body of Christ pray, pressing into what the Lord has for us personally and corporately in 2012.   Adapted from Pray! July/August 1998 by Fred A. HartleyIII

2011 Journal

11/21/2011This was sent to me because it reminded the sender of my calling. I pray this prophectic word over you that the spirit of God might ignite your spirit to meet him where you are this day.
THE TRUMPET by Bill Burns:
I’ve come to you to bring you the revelation of who I am and to establish My true character in your being. It will overhaul your thinking, your concepts, and your mindsets, and it will regenerate in you the seed of the Kingdom, the truth and power of the kingdom. For, you have the ability and the right to be strong in the power of My presence. Allow Me, this moment, to open the eyes of your understanding that you may see that which I am doing with you, in you and around you. Do not be discouraged but allow faith, hope and love to arise in your heart. Remember that I am for you, not against you. I have gone before you and prepared the way so that you may walk on that path of righteousness, and that path leads to victory. I do not condemn you, so do not be disheartened but rise up in a place of knowledge, trust and faith, says the Lord God.
11/9/2011 This is an interesting day, for over the last several days you have birthed in my heart the desire to walk where I have never walked before. You have awakened me to the truth that Portland, Oregon has a spiritual well that has been capped by the enemy for generations. I have cried and petitioned you for several days and I sense you cracking the seal on this ancient well spring of your blessings and I see these blessings were for the people of Portland, for the people of Oregon, for the people of the NW, our nation and the world. With the capping of this well spring of blessings they were unable to flow. Oh Father I come before you and ask that the truth of Jer 33:8-9 come to passI will cleanse them from all the sin they have committed against me and will forgive all their sins of rebellion against me.  Then this city will bring me renown, joy, praise and honor before all nations on earth that hear of all the good things I do for it; and they will be in awe and will tremble at the abundant prosperity and peace I provide for it.’
Father, bring those people who are to be present when you uncap this spritual well spring of your blessing here in Portland on February 17-18, 2012. Dad do this so that both intercessors and servants of the Lord would be blessed and encouraged by both your presences and your gifts which you have provided in advance for us all!
5/3/2011 Father I come before you and I ask for you to open the gates of righteousness for me, for I will enter without reservation and give thanks to you my Lord and savior. I rejoice for through these gates of the Lord I am allowed to enter. I will give you thanks, for you have answered me and I know you will answer all those who choose to pray to walk through your gates of righteousness, for you have become their salvation! 
(Personalized from Psalm 118 19-21)
To learn and pray about having a righteous life go to the empower page.
Prayer Closet Journal
6/4/2010 Hard to believe 2010 is half over. I have been feeling weighed down. I have so much to pray about and for. I wonder if at times it isn’t too overwhelming. I was talking to my husband this morning about my ministry change in 2007  and it brought up some really hidden emotions. God you are great and greatly to be praised. Dad be with all those who have asked me to pray for them. Meet their needs to understand and know your will. I can’t do it all for them. They need to carry the burden themselves. Please Christ be the carrier of their yoke today for I know how it overwhelms them.
5/28/2010 I feel like I am in a dry patch of prayer. I have stepped out to take on another prayer project and I feel that I am drying up. God I know you are bringing me to that place of refreshment. I ask you to bring me to that place. I want to drink your cup of living water! Thank you for listening to me, you know I feel dry. I love you with my whole heart. Draw me closer to you, now and always.
5/26/2010 God I rejoice that you are the love of my life. I thank you that you are teaching me about the importance of foundation as I go to the gym.
Positive Posture:
Point feet straight
Open feet Parallel
Shoulders down & away
Tighten abs
Unify feet w/hip sockets
Regulate Chin Back
Energize Chest
This Posture acrostic reminds me that the feet (our foundation) is key to being able to stand up straight. You are amazing for I know you will teach me so much in the coming days about ho
5/14/2010 I was talking to the Lord about not having anything to speak about, nothing worth listening to, so I prayed for something to talk about, something worth listening to… then out of my own struggle God gave me a new life’s passion… Making God Your Greatest Asset. In these trying times, what a great my life’s work to perfect in myself and then teach others. God you are amazing. So now comes the challenge having made this commitment today, to walk it out and really make you my greatest asset. Look for a blog on the subject beginning May 18th.
5/13/2020 I have been praying for the last 5 day for the Lord to open the Evangelistic gate here in the Metro area. I am standing firm, knowing that it is indeed what the Lord intends to do in this dark region of the US. I look forward to the day when I will upon these days and rejoice for all the Lord began. I know that the spiritual darkness which hangs over this land will break and the light of Christ will shine brightly for all to see!
5/12/2010 God has been opening my spiritual eyes and I can connect with the Lord to see his plans and purposes accomplished. I can pray with such strength to see the world changed. I can’t tell you the difference in my prayer life. But I know now that if God tells me a mountain is going to move, I will indeed see it move! I have been praying about our next trip to the high places around Portland and I know God is going to open an Evangelistic gate that has been closed for a very long time. I can’t wait to go and see the move of God in our region!
2/9/2010 In the last couple of days I feel a stirring of the Lord to begin finding a group of like-minded people who want to pray for the Northwest Territory, which expands my prayer from just Oregon to all of Washington and beyond. I don’t know what the Lord is doing, but I feel the stirring as we walk into the High Places Prayer Teams journey for 2010. God what are you doing, you seem to be reorganizing my prayer life once again? How to I walk into this new calling and how to I find those other people.
2/6/2010 I have been working on writing a prayer for a police officer friend. God please show me what you want me to write and if you want this prayer to go beyond my friend. I wonder if I should begin teaching people how to craft prayers and if I should write a book with 31 days of this and 31 days of that? I just don’t know. God please direct my path and help me to do your will. I did this to help my friend and I thank you that I was finally obedient to taking the time to craft this prayer. (to see this prayer, go to my empower page)
2/2/2010 God, why is it that some questions we wrestle with, like the one yesterday. “Can you give me scripture to why you flag?” Can cause us such distress. Today I went into such a funk, because I felt I had to defend you. I spent the better part of an hour just coming to terms with the truth that I don’t have to defend worshipping you and second that in your timing you will give me an answer that will bring freedom and peace to both of us.
Dad, I wonder if this is why the move of your spirit is forsaken, because when some don’t understand and question, those who are moving become dishearten rather than  allowing unity to be established? Father it took almost 2000 years for you to re-establish Israel, why can’t we wait for all the questions to be answered? Forgive us, renew us and restore us to the son’s and daughter’s of the King you created and established us to be.
1/3/2010 I spent part of January 1st in Salem with 20 other intercessors, it was an amazing time. It was a wonderful way to begin the year, praying for the people and the state of Oregon. I am making a committment to stay closer to you, Lord, this year.
Share your 2010 prayer requests here:
      (send in your prayer request through the comments area below) If you have a private request that you desire to be unpublished, they are welcome as well and we will send it on to our prayer team.


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