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I have been asked if I wouldn’t be willing to prayerfully ponder and then answer questions on my blog and to this end I have made this page.

IF you have a life or biblical question which has as Oswald Chambers would say, “is dumbly struggling in you for utterance” please send it to me and I will prayerfully answer.

Today is October 31st and most people celebrate Halloween, recently I was asked what is reformation, I am including several documents which you can use to understand Reformation. The first is an explantion of what it is. Reformation Day

The second one is a copy of Martin Luther’s 95 Thetes which he nailed to the door of the Vatican. 

How do I empower God in my home? This is a question I was asked recently as I walked through a woman’s 



What you focus on is what you give power to. Years ago I learned this lesson as I walked into my teen age son’s room, hoping to break any hold the enemy had over him. He had many posters as most teenagers do and standing in his room, I felt led by the Lord to anoint the only God poster in the room, and then I left.


I didn’t do any battle. I just left the rest alone, had I done the right thing, had I listened to the Lord? As months went by, I watched as the other posters left his room, and my son rededicated his life. With joy I watched as his life changed as he partnered with the Lord throughout his life. 


Years later as I visited him and his family I saw this same poster of the glory of the Lord hanging proudly in is home.


All that to say, ask the Lord what is of God in your home and anoint it with oil and let God make the changes both in you and your home. You may find as you allow the power of God to grow in your home, those things that aren’t God honoring will slowly fall away as you are more and more focused on the Lord in your home.

Feeling like you are walking alone

What do you do when your back in against the wall, you have prayed and prayed and God doesn’t answer? Now something bad is going to happen and still God doesn’t answer. What do you do?

Dear Karen,

Don’t lose heart, for I believe the Lord hears us even when we don’t hear his answer. Having said that, I believe we must allow the hand of God to move without us getting in the way. This is the hardest thing to do especially if the somthing bad is happening to someone we love.

We have to stand firm and not be their God by jumping in to rescue them which keeps them from seeking God for their salvation and strength. Growth comes with pain and so I have to believe that out of even the worst situations God is growing His children to be ever more like his son Jesus.

I leave you with this prayer from Phil 4:6-7

God I ask that Karen not be anxious about anything, but in everything, she would never stop  presenting her prayers and petitions, with thanksgiving,  to you, even if you don’t seem to answer, and Father give her your peace, which transcends all understanding, guarding her heart and her mind in Christ Jesus so that she might stand beside those she loves embracing them in peace, as they go through a very hard time.


A new question and answer will be posted first week of each month.

**Please note** when we have enough questions to begin posting questions and answers once a week we will, so send your questions in!

May the Lord bless you, may the Lord keep you, may the shine His face upon you and give you His peace.

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2 02 2012
James Kapetanos

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