CJM Counseling & Ministry Center

Classes, Conferences and other events are held through our CJM Counseling and Ministry Center please check our CJM Events and Classes page for more information on current listings. 


About our CJM Counseling and Ministry Center!

In June 2013 Complete Joy Ministries opened its first CJM Counseling and Ministry center in Portland, Oregon. It is located o

CJM office

n 121st just north Division Street in the Division Business Plaza in suite #216.

Millie meets with clients to help them reconcile and redeem their trauma, drama and pain in the presence of Jesus who provides a safe and loving environment to heal.

Mildred “Millie” Yamasaki has over 25 years of ministry experience with formal pastoral training from Oregon College of Ministry as well as counseling training through Good Samaritan Ministries and is currently licensed and ordained through Romine Ministries.

Client testimony:

I have been meeting with Millie for about 3 months.  My initial need was to work through some of my emotional eating issues and being totally stuck. This has gone to an opportunity to look at some childhood trauma.

What I so appreciate about Millie is her passion for wholeness that is tempered by her patience for my process. (slow as it seems.)  I have seen other counselors in my past and that seemed to be the missing link for me.  Her faith walk with Jesus partnered with her training and wisdom bring the exact combo of what I need to really work through my issues.  I am also encouraged by the fact that I will walk away with some skills that I can use when other issues arise.  That is so encouraging!!

Thank you!!


Complete Joy Ministries is committed to touching lives and seeing people connect with Jesus to heal so we do not have a set fee for any personal ministry meetings. Because we are a 501c3 organization we ask you to give as the Lord directs. If you want a suggested donation amount the board has set it at $35 a meeting.

How to make an appointment:

Connecting for an appointment through CJM is easy, Millie does both in person and long-distant phone appointments. You contact CJM by phone at 503-309-9017 or by e-mail at completejoyministries@gmail.com.

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