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Currently : 1/11/2018

On 12/31/2017 our lease ended at 1509 SE 122nd. Since Millie is off on medical leave (due to a bad fall which gave her a concussion) we have not secured another location.

News about SE Blessings Healing Rooms,

we are not currently ministering, no date is available at this time about when they will re-open.

News about Millie, her healing is progressing but her return date is undetermined at this time. Know she is praying for you and invites you to pray for the CJM clients and the ministry of CJM as we move forward into 2018. Please note this phone is checked only once a week.

You can reach us by sending a message to For the most current information check out our Complete Joy Ministries page on Facebook for now. As Millie heals, watch for the latest CJM news by clicking on “Latest CJM” tab on our website

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